Acre guacamole anyone?

by Iris

Try this simple and delicious version from Chef Larbi of Acre Farm to Table restaurant in San Jose del Cabo!

Summer is upon us at last, what better way to treat yourself than with homemade guacamole, the perfect healthy summer snack? This delicious blend of avocado and spices has made its way from Mexico into our hearts. Since quarantine has inspired many of us to channel our culinary prowess, there is no better time to take a flavourful voyage to Los Cabos with Chef Larbi’s authentic guacamole recipe from Acre restaurant and hotel.

Chef Larbi Dahrouch is a seasoned chef acclaimed for his sensational dishes. He has a lifetime of vast cooking experience including 15 years at Agua restaurant at One & Only Palmilla, before joining Acre, a sanctuary nestled within a palm and mango grove outside of  , in late 2019.  Acre is nothing short of magnificent: a 25-acre property envisioned by Vancouver developers Stuart McPherson and Cameron Watt, who fell in love with Los Cabos after vacationing there years ago. Every meal at Acre’s restaurant and bar is packed with rich local flavours, as part of the owners’ farm-to-table philosophy. Visitors are sure to enjoy an unforgettable aromatic meal while taking in the lush greenery of the Mexican foothills – a view that would be enough to steal anyone’s breath.

By creating this simple guacamole recipe at home, you can step inside the enchanting dream of Los Cabos and Acre. The recipe is quick and accessible to those who aren’t master chefs, but who love bringing a taste of the Baja home.

Happy Guac-making.


Acre Guacamole


  •  2 ripe avocados, pitted and mushed with a fork
  •  1/4 tablespoon of salt
  •  Juice of 1 whole lemon
  •  2 tbsp of thinly sliced red onion
  •  2 tbsp of chopped coriander
  •  1 Serrano pepper diced up
  •  1 little drop of good olive oil

Combine the following ingredients in a bowl, pair it with some nice corn chips and before you know it you’ll be transported poolside at Acre in Los Cabos!

Los Cabos is such a refined resorts and culinary choice that you can’t miss.  eliteGen had featured it last summer, one will love this Mexican city as Leslie does after reading the story.