HACHI Serviced Apartment: Garden of Eve

by editor

As a tourist haven, Thailand offers up a plethora of cultural experiences and breathtaking examples of nature’s beauty.


Hachi Serviced Apartments in Thailand proves that beauty can also be abundant in small spaces. A 290 sq. ft. serviced apartment in urban Hong Kong can cost up to CAD$3,000 monthly, but a similar-sized space offered by Bangkok’s Hachi Serviced Apartments goes for just 9,500 baht (CAD$400), with superior design and amenities to boot.

Located in Bangkok’s Ladprao commercial district, Hachi’s five-storey facility—a masterpiece by Octane Architect & Design—offers 34 units ranging from 280 to 475 sq. ft. Affordable rent and great location aside, the apartments impress with a minimalistic and impressive design. It is a great choice for a short stay in the Thai capital.

Natural timber tones and a contrasting black hue highlight this iconic building, both inside and out. The multiple pointed roof shapes are not the only signature design feature; the architect also came up with a clever plan to cover the balconies to enhance privacy and keep the interior cooler in the tropical climate. The varying sizes of the house-shape motif also give the building more structural vibrancy.

This motif pervades the interior as well, with the timber and monochrome palette delivering a calming presence. The architect applied oriental design concepts and defined interior spaces by function, using the house shape as dividers and doorways. Lighting varies from one area to another, imparting the right atmosphere for the various functional areas.

Even for people working from home, they can find a separate space around a corner to relax. It shows that it doesn’t take an enormous space to be comfortable, as long as the design is well thought out.