Viktor & Rolf’s New Flowerbomb Dew

by Leslie Yip

Viktor& Rolf’s latest scent is a floriental explosion

“Delicate drops of floral dew freshness on nude skin.” This is how Viktor& Rolf describe the latest addition to its Flowerbomb family. Aptly named Flowerbomb Dew, it is a light, sensual yet meticulously layered floriental that silkens over fresh, dewy skin. This pure and sparkling scent complements a walk in a springtime garden just as much as a blushing bride on her big day.

The star ingredient is the “Dewy Rose”, a hybrid tea rose tinted with rosy and white striations that is grown in water. Its scent is captured by Living Flower technology, a specialized process that collects odour molecules from the headspace of living flowers at the peak of freshness. The combination of hydroponic culture and gentle extraction yields a much fresher and more complex imprint than that from traditional extraction.

This dewy rose accord is supported by the crisp and succulent notes of pear and bergamot to form the top notes. Feminine orris and almonds complement the floral trail, while a “Second-Skin Accord” with Hedenolide musk, ambrette seeds absolute, heliotrope and vanilla beans form a long-lasting soft, powdery and enveloping sensuality.


The pearlescent bottle has the same diamond grenade silhouette as the original Flowerbomb, but instead of the dark and disco palettes of the past, the latest incarnation is light and delicate, perfectly preparing you for the powdery floral bouquet. A pink metal plate completes the bottle.

With the launch of the Dew, the Flowerbomb collection now offers a range of intensity: from the delicate glow of a rose with Flowerbomb Dew and the enchanting floral explosion of Flowerbomb to the intense burst of intoxicating flowers of Flowerbomb Nectar.

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