Voyage through the FENDI DNA

by Iris

Fusing iconic craftsmanship with modern 3D printing, allowed FENDI to put a modern spin on their iconic Peekaboo bags for both men and women. The result is a voyage through the FENDI DNA.


From the new video exalting the savoir faire of the Peekaboo bag.  Protagonists are three one-of-a-kind workmanships; the “Laser-Cut”, the “Interlace” and the “Intarsio” known as inlay.


Laser Cut

The Laser-Cut Peekaboo X-Lite bag for Men initially features the creation of a leather panel that is firstly resin-treated on the back. The leather is then laser-cut following the design, in this case the FENDI script. Before the cut, artisans adjust and adapt the design to the chosen bag style. Finally, a fabric lining with the striped Pequin pattern is placed on the inside, serving as a background for the pattern on the front of the bag. The inside also features a pocket in suede with an embossed FF logo all-over pattern.




The Interlace Peekaboo Large and Mini feature one of the most traditional workmanships at FENDI. The leather is cut and rolled into stripes that are hand-knotted to create a crochet-effect pattern with squared knots, giving life to the shell of the bag. The hand knotted shell is then folded on the opposite side showing the uniqueness of the backside of the workmanship and squared knots. The interlaced shell is then finalized with a maxi metal needle. Finally, the handle, the accessories and the inside pocket are sewn to the hand knotted shell.




The Intarsio Peekaboo Regular bag for Men is made in FENDI’s iconic Selleria Cuoio Romano leather, with handmade seams on the outside, whilst the inside is in leather with a hot-stamped embossed all-over FF logo pattern. The workmanship on the front, in mink and leather, requires several phases. The first part consists in the preparation of an underlying “net”. The leather is hand-carved and paired with another leather layer to give thickness. A fur panel is then placed on top – different mink layers are assembled together in order to have the necessary size, then the mink panel is cut and sown back together following the desired pattern. Finally, the two panels, the leather one below and the mink one on the outside, are sewn and assembled together by hand.



FENDI Peekaboo bag is available in FENDI Boutiques worldwide and on

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