Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair has a new formula: what’s new?

by Leslie Yip

Estée Lauder’s “little brown bottle” Advanced Night Repair recently launched a new formula. At a glance, it is still one small brown bottle. What new breakthrough is there that has made the world so excited?


Simply put: it does more and it does it faster. With a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, one dropper can hydrate the skin for 72 hours. In addition, the new formula has collagen boosting power and can help fight back multiple signs of aging. After 3 weeks of continuous use, you can see that the skin becomes more plump and elastic, fine lines are reduced, and the skin becomes more youthful. After using 1 bottle, pores look diminished, the skin feels firmer, and the skin looks healthy and youthful, as if you just awoke from your beauty sleep.


This is because through the breakthrough ChronoluxTM Power Signal Technology, you can see results up to 25% faster. It also offers 8 hours of antioxidant protection to help the skin resist the environmental damage faced by modern life. So although the product name is “Advanced NIGHT Repair”, it is not only used at night. With the smoothing and non-greasy texture, it is the perfect daytime serum. This small brown bottle can provide skin protection, hydration and nourishment all day long.


It is oil-free, non-allergenic and does not cause acne or clogging of pores. The fragrance-free formula is suitable for all skin types and any age. It can significantly prevent aging for younger users, and can quickly repair skin that has multiple signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, lack of water, dull complexion, and lack of radiance.




This is the fourth formula update since it was first introduced in 1982. It has 38 years of skin repair research expertise behind it, and it continues to be the number one serum. In fact, it has many other “firsts”: when it was launched in 1982, it was the first night serum, the first skin care product using hyaluronic acid, and the first night repair using the body’s natural processes to restore the skin.


When the formula was first updated in 1991, anti-oxidant technology was introduced, and testing showed that it neutralized up to 90% of environmentally generated free radicals. It became recognized as a product to use through night into day. Because the formula was already so advanced then, it wasn’t until 19 years later that another update took place: In 2009, the revolutionary Chronolux TM Technology was introduced, which supports the natural synchronization of the day/night rhythm of protection and repair to help skin repair at exactly the right time. Four years later, a breakthrough discovery related to skin cell’s natural purification led to another update, with a study that revealed the impact of chronic lack of sleep on skin’s appearance.


This year’s update can be said to be a great leap forward, especially in terms of effect speed. I have been using the previous version before, and I have been happy with the results and think that my skin was already in good shape. When I had the chance to start trying the new formula in June, I didn’t think there would be a huge difference. But, within less than a month. and less than 1/4 of the bottle used, I see a significant improvement in skin firmness and evenness. I was pleasantly surprised—I didn’t think that my skin could improve so much from its former state.



Now, the previous and the new versions are both presented in the iconic little brown bottle, and the product name remains the same as Advanced Night Repair. How do you tell which one is the new formula? It’s easy. The new formula adds multiple new benefits, such as collagen boosting and faster repair, thus it is called Synchronized MULTI-Recovery Complex. Compared with the old version, which was Synchronized Recovery Complex II, without the word “multi”. In addition, the shoulders of the new bottle are more squarish, while the old version looks more rounded. When you pick it up, you will notice that the new bottle is made of glass, with enhanced translucency so the content seems to glow from within. Moreover, the glass bottle is recyclable too.


As winter is approaching, this is the time to ensure that your skin can withstand the harsh seasons. Visit Estée Lauder’s official website now: first time customers enjoy 15% off your first purchase when you join the E-list Loyalty Program. There is free shipping for every order, and when you spend $70 now, you will have a full size Pure Color Envy lipstick and 6 deluxe samples with value up to $160 while quantities last. Visit for more beautiful skin.


Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex, 30ml | $95, 50ml | $130, 115ml | $245




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