Maple Leaf Tavern’s Finish-at-Home Cheeseburger Kit

by Renee Suen

Just in time for Father’s day and BBQ season, some restaurants have put together finish-at-home meal kits perfect for summer gatherings. If it’s for a gourmet burger, look no further than Executive Chef Jesse Vallins’ version at this east side hot spot.

The curbside pick-up package beyond satisfies with four grill-ready freshly-ground striploin burger patties, and includes a simple to follow instruction card that details their assembly into tender house-made milk buns with American cheese, homemade dill relish, garlic mayonnaise and shredded lettuce.

The result is hearty, juicy and delicious.

Besides cheeseburgers, there are kits for cocktails, brunch that includes either waffle or pancake mix with thick cut bacon and sausages, a surf-and-turf dinner for two with loaded baked potatoes, and a sausage dinner (Vallins is the reigning champion of Toronto’s Sausage League). Or order already prepared a la carte dishes for a full restaurant experience.


Maple Leaf Tavern

955 Gerrard St. E., 416-465-0955,