Wedding Ring: Love through the Ages

by editor

The wedding ring is a symbol of love, a sign of devotion and an agreement between two parties to love and cherish one another for the rest of their days. It has been so for eons

Story | Iris Chui

As a matter of fact, a wedding ring worn on the left hand can be traced back to ancient times. The Romans believed that the vein in the ring finger (the fourth finger) on the left hand ran directly to one’s heart and called that vein the “vena amoris” or vein of love.



Ice Cube pure ring, $4,630

Green Carpet ring, $TBD


Tiffany & Co.

T-True wide ring, $1,900

Victoria alternating ring, $20,600


Platinum and 0.77 TWC diamond wedding  band with tapered baguettes, $6,150

0.56 TWC diamond and 0.68 TCW sapphire eternity wedding band in platinum, $5,225



Infinito wedding band in platinum set with diamonds, $3,550

Serpenti wedding band in 18K rose gold, $1,800

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